"Off The Beaten Track"

My Mix Studio is equipped with ProTools Ultimate HD Native. There are 8 channels of Apogee Interface and 8 channels of Avid and 16 Channels of Lynx Aurora which are summed via 32 Channels of the superb Rupert Neve Designs 5057 & 5059. The mixes are captured on a separate ProTools system via a Lynx HiLo interface. This means I can mix to a higher sample rate than the session files.

The rig has two UAD Octo Cards and a full compliment of UAD Plug Ins. Additionally there are many Softube, Massey, Soundtoys, SSL, Waves and more plugins.

Hardware devices include Joe Meek compressors and Trident equalisers.

The monitoring is via PMC and Miller Kriesel speakers fed from an SPL monitor controller.

…..and yes that is a Revox in the corner!


All photos by Martin Gaskin