My approach to recording is to adapt what I do to the requirements of the artist, so the balance of engineering and production always reflects this. I enjoy collaborating and so I am always happy to engineer for other producers or support artists who wish to produce themselves by co-ordinating the session and advising
My experience of studio environments and technical specifications enables me to advise on the best choices of studio, location and equipment for most projects. I am happy to do this even if I am not directly involved in the sessions
I love recording live concerts (it's probably the nearest I'll get to being a performer myself!) and have had experience of recording everything from comedy in a basement to festival gigs.
I have given lectures, seminars and masterclasses to a number of colleges and universities worldwide. I am a member of the working group for the Joint Audio Media Education Services (J.A.M.E.S.).

Contact me via my manager :

Charlie Colton
07906 022 020