September 2017

News - September 2017

So many changes!

Very shortly we will be moving out of the studio in Strongroom and I will be building a room in the garage at home - quite a departure but I am looking forward to being able to avoid the wasted time travelling.

The Two Tone Club album is almost ready to release - the cover has been holding thing up apparently - and I am mastering the vinyl version next week.

My trip to Chile was, for the most part, fantastic. It's a long way but worth the trip. The studio was excellent - filled with all sorts of instruments, amplifiers and recording gear - something of an Aladdin's Cave.

Musically the sessions were amazing, Nano Stern is truly a virtuoso player and his transition from acoustic folk to loud electric rock has been really exciting. We are putting the finishing touches to the mixes in the next few weeks but the album won't be out until next year.

The house move that is enabling the studio build is taking a lot longer than expected but hopefully not too much longer now. I will need to get the studio up and running quickly so I can get some jobs in and earn some money to pay for it!

Anyone who wants mixes done - let me know!