October 2017

October 2017

Almost ready to move out of Strongroom now - plenty to pack up and disconnect!

The new rig is taking place - just need to build the studio to go with it!

Nano Stern recordings are now ready for mastering - very pleased and proud of this production.



September 2017

News - September 2017

So many changes!

Very shortly we will be moving out of the studio in Strongroom and I will be building a room in the garage at home - quite a departure but I am looking forward to being able to avoid the wasted time travelling.

The Two Tone Club album is almost ready to release - the cover has been holding thing up apparently - and I am mastering the vinyl version next week.

My trip to Chile was, for the most part, fantastic. It's a long way but worth the trip. The studio was excellent - filled with all sorts of instruments, amplifiers and recording gear - something of an Aladdin's Cave.

Musically the sessions were amazing, Nano Stern is truly a virtuoso player and his transition from acoustic folk to loud electric rock has been really exciting. We are putting the finishing touches to the mixes in the next few weeks but the album won't be out until next year.

The house move that is enabling the studio build is taking a lot longer than expected but hopefully not too much longer now. I will need to get the studio up and running quickly so I can get some jobs in and earn some money to pay for it!

Anyone who wants mixes done - let me know!



July 2017 News

September 2017

So here we are over half way through another year!

I've recorded a really cool album with Two Tone Club at an amazing studio in Belgium called DAFT http://www.wearedaft.be/band and mixed it in The Shop. Shortly i will master it with Ray at Air Mastering.

Looking forward to the trip to Chile to deliver some masterclasses and record some tracks with Nano Stern. He is an absolutely superb guitarist and really nice guy so I am anticipating a great time. Never been to South America so lots of new experiences.

I will be moving house soon and building a studio at home so I will be able to mix projects more economically - let me know if you have something coming up you would like me to listen to.



Breaking News !

TEC Awards - NAMM Show

Delighted to learn that Softube
received two TEC Awards during the NAMM show, for the Bluesbreaker and JMP2203 plug-ins that I was involved in creating.

Here is Henrik Andersson Vogel from Softube showing them off!



January 2017

Already getting used to using "2017" !

Dates are being firmed up for the Two Tone Club pre-production in March followed by recording in April - probably at the new studio being built by DAFT in Waimes, Belgium. Their previous studio was La Chappelle and I had a great time recording there with Bells of Youth and I'm sure this will be a lot of fun too.

Talking to a couple of other artists about some mixing - I will tell more when it gets confirmed.

In the meantime, there are plenty of other things to get on with planning for the MPG Awards on February 16th!

Still looking for a suitable place for a studio in the Northampton area - it is so simple in London but up here it's all either offices or light industrial spaces.

If anyone knows of somewhere please let me know.